Zero-waste is more than a philosophy, it’s a way of life! It’s about mindfulness, taking small steps to rethink the way we shop, how we reuse and recycle in order to achieve a giant leap for the future health of our environment. From sourcing produce locally, to their plastic bag free promise, The Source Bulk Foods is continually finding new ways to embrace the zero-waste mentality.

When you set out on your Zero-waste mission this year, think about these five simple principals:

  • Reuse what you do not need
  • Reduce what you do need
  • Reuse what you consume
  • Recycle what you cannot Refuse
  • Reduce or Reuse, and Rot (Compost) the rest

From bulk buying to zero waste beauty your zero-waste journey starts at The Source. Join up for Source Rewards and earn points each and every-time you shop.