With the evenings getting darker now is a great time to do a cycle safety check to make sure you are prepared for the winter months.

We’ve put together below a list of items you may want to consider before hitting the road this season:

Visibility Invest in quality lights for the front and rear of your bike. Bright & reflective clothing and head-gear is a must to ensure you can be seen from all angles in all weather conditions.

Layer-up  Take advantage of the advances  in clothing technology and invest in hi-tech outwear that can withstand the elements.

Maintenance  Wet & dirty roads can leave your bike looking worse for wear and also clog your chain and other key areas of your bike. Allocate time before each journey to check your bike and make any adjustments or repairs before  you set off on your route.

From lights to reflectors and protective clothing pick up all of your essentials at Cycle Plus.

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