With the darker evenings creeping in now is the ideal time to plan ahead for the winter months and prioritise a safety check on your bike and cycling accessories.

Three things to consider before heading out on the road this season include:

Layering-up Clothing technology has come on in leaps and bounds over recent years and its worth investing in hi-tech lightweight outerwear that can with-stand the elements.

Visibility Quality lighting for the front and rear of your bike is an absolute must for those darker morning and evening commutes. Stock up on bright and reflective clothing that alerts other road-users to your presence.

Regular Maintenance Wet and dirty road conditions can leave your bike looking worse for wear and can also clog up your chain and other key elements of your bike. Make sure you make time before each journey to give your bike and equipment the once over and address and repair work or adjustments that need to be made before you set off on your journey.

From lights and reflectors to protective clothing and everything in between pick up all of your essentials now at Cycle Plus.

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